Auto disable or delete user accounts after X days without login



As an Omniture admin, it would be useful to receive notices from my HR department to tell me when people have left the company, prompting me to delete or transfer their SiteCatalyst account. To help with this issue, it would be very useful to set either at the individual user level or across all users, a number of days of inactivity after which they would be disallowed from accessing SiteCat either through their account being disabled or deleted. Disablement would be preferable, in case of people who were still employed, but simply had not logged in in some time, so that all of the customizations would not be lost if the admin were to re-enable it.

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It would be useful to see locked out users marked as such in admin.



The sooner this could go live the better, as it is a very time-consuming process to manual do this for over 50 login companies.  We would prefer that an increment of 90 days of inactivity will cause the user account to be disabled, and then flagged for deletion.  An email with a warning sent to the user when they near the disablement would be perfect.