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Asset transfer: default "disabled items" & search


Community Advisor


when I try to transfer an asset from one user to the other, I have 3 things that makes the process slow. I kindly request the following changes to the "asset transfer process"

1) by default all categories/assets are checked. that means if I only want to transfer some of all the items, I first need to disable/uncheck all categories before starting to select. since the most common case is to transfer single items:

=> set "unchecked" all items by default

2) transferring single assets from a user with a huge library can be a mess. I would love to search for names/tags as it is possible in any other asset manager screen (eg. project manager, segment manager,...)

=> implement an option to search for names/tags

3) when transferring assets from an admin to a non admin user, the receiver gets admin rights. that means I need to hot to admin console and undo the change.

=> add option to disable "admin" propagation