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approved items


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adobe analytics has a great feature which allowes you to mark items (segments, calculated metrics, workspaces, ...) to mark as "approved". this gives the users the confidence, that the items they use are working as expected.

however, every user with access to those items (especially who is allowed to create new ones) can also change the "approved" items! and this can happen by incident, just by changing the item on the flow ... and there is no undo function


add a new "role" in user managmenet which allows users to "approve items" and "change approved items"!

this way the admins can create sort of "single point of approvement" (or security/confidence over data) just by establishing a goog approvement workflow. and they can be sure nobody else changes those items. knowing that, they can give users more privileges to create their own items and play around whitout the fear of any damage to "approved" items.