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Apply Segment to the on Page Graphical Click Map Report


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Our stake holders asked for the on page graphical click map report frequently. In many cases we need to apply segment to see the behavior of a specific group of site visitors on the page. Looks like that segment is not available for the graphical click map report now. If are really interested to see this feature to be available in the next Omniture release?


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We are releasing tonight a new version of Clickmap under the Activity Map applicaton name.


Activity Map introduces the ability to apply segments on the link overlays.


Activity Map is available to all Adobe Analytics Standard and Premium customers.

Activity Map can be downloaded on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari and comes loaded with new features:

- Many metrics to choose from,

- Page Flow Reporting

- CSV Export
Additionally, we have worked intensively on enhancing the quality and consistency of the link data that is collected. As such, Activity Map requires websites to be upgraded to the AppMeasurement v1.6 library.