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API for "Link to this Report" / Dashboard API


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This is more of way to make a good idea better, than an idea itself.  Here we go..


Many of us have users working in combination of internal systems (intranet, CMS, etc.) and SiteCatalyst reporting.  I often see a user with a tab open to our internal tools and another one open to SiteCatalyst.  


If we had the ability to link to a specific omniture report from inside our internal tools it could dramatically improve the integration of SiteCatalyst into our internal tools. 


##E-Commerce Example## (I'm not in e-commerce, but many of you are) 


1.) View a product from the e-commerce administration

2.) There is a small report that shows some SiteCatalyst reporting data from the omniture api (basically, a dashbord "reportlet")

3.) Under the report the is a "View full report" link.

4.) Clicking the link will open up the SiteCatalyst report for that product

5.) Now that the product report is open in SiteCatalyst you can go dig deep into reporting for that product.


I also think this would be HUGE in getting more users working with SiteCatalyst and remove a bit of the intimidation factor of working with such a powerful (and sometime confusing) product. One option on how this could be done would be to extend the existing reporting API to pass a link to the report that was requested in the response.  Also, access to SiteCatalyst graphs from the API would be the icing on the cake.


What do you think?



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To follow up on this great idea. Since many variables are configured within a asset variable within the CMS, they can be use to "automagically" load /change for the report suite and/or other filters or correlations.  Example: I viewed all Published content between July 1 and aug 14...we hook the a shared dashboard calendar API snippet and my dashboard get set for the same time frame