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Only Admin user can share project to specific group.

I understand the reason, but it means that the Admin should continuously review and share any analysis done by the analytics team... that' not good for our work flow.

Could you allow users to share project at least with the same group everyone belongs to?

For instance, Analytics-Member-A is part of Brand-B group. Analytics-Member-A should be able to share the project with Brand-B group.

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I could not agree more!! This is exactly what we have requested as well. It is unreasonable to only have admins be able to share components such as segments or projects to a group. Some of our teams are 20 persons or more and for someone to share with the team gets complicated. One needs to have a list with all the names, click all the boxes... Not to mention if one person is added to the team, if the component has not been shared with a group, one needs to add the person to each specific component. 


We would also like for any user to share projects and other components with their group. If not all companies want the same, the feature could be added as a right in the user management settings under tools. This would be so beneficial for us and I think that one can compare it to having set email lists in outlook. For larger teams it is a necessity. 



This is very small feature but will be very helpful for user to easily share the projects with their respective groups.



I agree. I added this as a feature request idea as well, as I didn't realize there was already a post created for it. here is the link: unknown

Allow users to share items with their entire team (user groups)



The only thing I would add is to extend this beyond just workspace projects to also enable a feature allowing sharing of components (calculated metrics, segments, etc) to user groups



a solution to this is to create a common(shared) dashboard, and within that dashboard; Short-link to all relevant dashboards for that group....




Non-admins can now share to groups they are a part of:

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