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Analytics Workspace Dropdown to show all current values


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Analytics Workspace Dropdown feature currently needs the specific values to be dragged on to the dropdown to show those filter in reporting. This may result in manual update to the dropdown values frequently when new dimension values are available in reporting. Request is to have an all values dropdown that can auto populate new and existing values with one drag and drop when initially creating the dropdown. This would have saved everyone's life a lot better.


Please reachout if you need any additional details or questions.


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Yes, if the drop-down could be configured to display the whole list of values similarly to how it's done in the left rail for dimensions, that would be helpful.

It would be also cool if the list is split into two groups

  1. Manually added (this is like a shortlist the creator considers to be to most frequently used)
  2. All other values (this is to cover the need in filtering by any dimension value)

And it would be an additional benefit to have an option to order the list of values by volume and alphabet https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-analytics-ideas/order-values-in-drop-down-fil...


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Agree, The dropdown function is a nice, easy way to set up modular dashboards for users who aren't as confident going into dimensions and selecting/dragging items. Would be great to be able to drag the entire dimension over as a dropdown.