Analysis Workspace: Wrap Column Headers, if needed



I tend to use the analysis workspace freeform table a lot to organize my segments and metrics in a single table, a single version of the truth if you will.

however I find it difficult to share these tables via email / slack because one the table gets more than 10 or so columns the column names get cut off.

my primary freeform table that I'm socializing right now with internal stakeholders has 23 columns

so the question is what can be done to wrap the text within these columns headers?

I would like to be able to toggle the wrapping, as sometimes it is needed and some times is it not. 

a solution like this also suggests that we might be able to control the height of column headers, to compliment our current ability to manage the width of the column headers

if we're going to wrap it, I prefer center alignment of the text but having the option to do left, center or right text alignment might be helpful for others.

I think the way segments work across columns (cells get merged for the lack of a better description) works well as I often have several metrics beneath a single segment

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Completely agree - good news is that we're working on it.  Hoping to release it soon.