Analysis Workspace: Prevent sharing of "unapproved" workspaces




Please, please, please can you introduce an option to disable users from sharing their own copies of workspaces.


Even if a user does not have permission to "create" workspaces, as soon as a user has access to workspace, and have a workspace shared with them they can:

  • change the set up of the workspace (within the limits of how it has been curated)
  • save a copy
  • share this copy with everyone in our organisation

This is proving to be a nightmare to manage from our point of view.


I don't mind the users being able to tweak and save their own copies.  It's just when they start distributing their own (often sub-standard or conflicting) versions with everyone else that it causes some major headaches !


I only want "Approved" versions created by people who know what they are doing to be available for others to see - hope this makes sense?

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Really good point, @AndyW. I'd like to restate this to make sure I understand it. Do you want to disallow users from sharing workbooks unless they've got permission to do so? You would have one group of users who can share, and another group that can't.




Thanks Bret, yes that is what I am asking for.


Having done a bit more investigation another related issue that has started to emerge is the 'saving' of workspaces by business users....



We have been setting up a number of centrally managed workspaces to provide data to users around the business.



We are experiencing a proliferation of saved copies of these workspaces which is also becoming a significant problem to manage.



This is a particular issue because:

  1. these copies do not benefit from any updates we make to the centrally managed workspace
  2. when making changes to our set up we may break something someone has built up a dependency on without realising it

Possible solution

Some restriction of the 'save' options would be also be a great help.  This could be:


  • restricting specific users ability to save
  • restricting the ability of a workspace to be saved by users



A lot of this is all still true...if you replace Save with Share.




Good news. We're actively investigating an option for read-only access to Workspace projects.