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monicas9 14-04-2016

1). The Legends are not customizable, and so become very long when using metrics with stacking of dimensions in the columns. Example, I have Channel = Social, with another stacked Dimension like Referrer = facebook, and then a third dimension tracking code= sc_fb_mycampaign. I have day in the rows, and Visits as the metri cs. When I create a line chart, it shows the legend as "[Visits] ChannelSmiley Frustratedocial[referrer:facebook][tracking code:sc_fb_mycampaign]. Should have ability to rename the legends

2). Position of Legend, and ability to assing colors. (This will help users to know that green is always Organic search. )

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fvisani 22-04-2016

If we could rename metrics in freeform tables as well, would be great. Like she described above, we have many long named metrics that prevent us from getting more metrics in the table once their names get partially hidden.

benjamingaines2 22-04-2016

@FeFinotto: That's a possibility we're discussing to help solve the graph legend issue. We all agree that it's a problem. 

Marcin_Janik 05-06-2016


This was my idea also. I really lack this feature in Workspace. Voted!

What is not comfortable: long segment/metric names that displays really badly in graphs. It would be good to edit labels for display purposes.

salernoam29 05-06-2016

@TyranalysisRex, I was just thinking about this as I took Analysis Workspace through its paces with one of our more complex dashboards! (PS, clever handle)

benjamingaines2 05-06-2016

I love this idea. Thanks for submitting. We'll see how it gets voted and commented on, but I'm going to run it by our engineering team anyway. 

tyranalysisrex 05-06-2016

Similar to building charts in Excel, allow me to add Data Labels to my graphs. This will make reading the charts much easier - and allow for quick mental math to calculate differences among the data points.

Marcin_Janik 05-06-2016

I just realized that what I put in comment in other topic would fit ideally here. In Credit Suisse we struggle with long segment and metrics name so it would be perfect to be able to edit names in graphs / tables.

benjamingaines2 07-06-2016

We are strongly considering this feature for a future release.


UPDATE - we are actively working on being able to edit the labels in charts.  This will be released soon!

salernoam29 18-07-2017

Thanks for the update!  I'm egerly awaiting this release!