Analysis Workspace - Globally Replace Component




It would be a nice feature if we could globally replace a component across all tables withinin a panel where that component exists.


For example, our company has over 15,000 product categories.  If I want to build a dashboard showing one category (s.products  = snack foods) I would have to drop 'snack foods' on top of each table wihthin my project.  I am unable to use a hit segment, because the hit segment would include other categories where 'snack foods' was present (i.e. on an order that includes 'snack foods' and 'pet supplies'.   If our project contains multiple tables, then I (or other users) have to update each table with the category to be analyzed each time we want to see metrics for just that category.


Having a 'replace all' would all us to update the dashboard with one action.  Users of the table would have to follow fewer instructions to update a dashboard and it would allow us analysts to create fewer dashboards to support the company. 

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this would be extremely useful and is functionality that is already available in report builder