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Analysis Workspace - easily change granularity of time in line graph


Level 4


I love "easy trending" feature from the Freeform Tables. What a time-saver! It would be even more awesome if we could easily configure the granularity. I put my shiny designer hat on to spec something out Smiley Happy



Level 1


Almost a year later and we still can't choose the granularity, instead having to defer to whatever Workspace deems most appropriate (for example, 5 days - hourly, 6 days - daily)(?). The old style reports (which I try and use as little as possible these days) let you choose from a dropdown.


I know it's possible in Workspace by breaking down the item you're visualizing with a Time unit, but it's time-consuming and clunky, and rendering all those rows slows down the browser for longer time spans.


It would be extremely useful to have this option enabled.