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Analysis Workspace - Color Customization


Level 4


It would be great to have the ability to customize our Workspace Project Colors.  Looking to incorporate our brand colors to the reports/charts/etc, to give the deliverables a more custom look.  It would also be helpful to customize the Workspace colors for colorblind report recipients.



Community Advisor


at least replace the logo on PDF-Reports

customization should be done within global config not in each workspace project...


Level 1


Very much support this! Any executive-level reporting needs to be on-brand, and that is currently a larger limitation of Workspace.


Level 2


While it seems like a nice to have, this really is the sort of feature one needs to have if this tool is to support executive reporting & dashboarding.

here is just one example where being able to set custom colors at a visualization level (Summary Number) would help to tie reporting together where I am relating displaying numbers of previous year, plan and current year actuals.




Employee Advisor


Changing the 16 color palette shipped on Sept 13 2018. Some ideas for future consideration around this topic are:

1) Adding a logo to the project - Ability to co-brand Analysis Workspace

2) Aligning colors by component across vizs - this one has been requested quite a bit, but I don't see an existing forum idea to link it to.

If you would like to see these become a reality, please upvote those ideas and/or create one for #2.