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Analysis Workspace: Color Code Drilldowns with Zero Results


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Hello.  I had an idea for a new feature in Analysis Workspace.  


Today, when you create a Freeform table, you can set the background color with a variety of options.  And when you use the drilldown feature of the table, the color coding then applies to the sub line items.


However, when the drilldown gets "zero" results, there is no way to colorize (in red, for example) the fact that the drilldown was 'unsuccessful'


For example - look at this freeform table.


Since there are no line items under the header of "prop43", there is no colorization. 

In cases like this it would be ideal if Analysis Workspace could add a 'no results' row line item with a value of 0 under the 'header' line so the colorization settings would apply to the 'no results' line item.


The value of having something like this is when you have a dashboard with 50+ drilldowns and you want your audience to be able to quickly scan down the dashboard looking for 'red' colors - which would potentially indicate a problem.  With no colorization for 'unsuccessful' results the dashboard doesn't easily call out issues like this.