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michael-Jet 02-02-2017

There is no way for multiple users to edit and save the same workbook unless you are admin.  I noticed that a similar post by DavidA on ‎04-12-2016 03:14 AM.  I remember collaboration being promoted when Workspace was launched.  Was this feature removed? 

Can we add user rights to edit/save workspaces owned by other individuals?

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Jeremy_Brugger 18-05-2017

It would be great if all users had the ability to decide if a workspace would be editable or locked. Similar to how Google Docs permissions work.


We are working toward adding additional roles to a shared project, including additional editors as well as views (read-only).

andrew_lau 08-08-2019

Would be great if you could have multiple users collaborating (editing and make changes) on a workspace project simultaneously in real time. This including some of the additional functionality jen.lasser​ mentioned would make collaborating very powerful.

Think something similar to how a google doc or google spreadsheet can have multiple editors in real time.


Great feedback Andrew! We are working toward adding the ability to have multiple editors, but we won't have real-time simultaneous collaboration (where you can see when someone else is in the project with you at the same time).

If that is something you would like added to the product, I would suggest adding a new idea so we can assess demand for it.


andrew_lau 08-08-2019

will do. Thanks.

nordeamarkets 14-11-2019

I am collaborating with my colleagues in various countries to build dashboards in Adobe Analytics. However, when I try to save projects, after adding my changes, I only get the option to “Save as”. Isn’t’ possible to collaborate on the same project ?   We need to be able to collaborate on these dashboards.


Hi nordeamarkets​ - that is exactly what this idea will address. Today, only Admins can "save" over projects that they do not own. With our Sharing Roles project we are planning, you will be able to assign Non-Admins as co-editors. We will also be introducing a view-only role as well at that time. Thanks!

and44638386 20-11-2019

Do you have an idea of timing for this? Thanks!


No timing to share right now, but we will update this ticket as it gets closer to release! (In Progress > Coming Soon > Delivered)

rgoetze 04-02-2020

Is there any update on when this feature will roll out?