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Amazon S3 Support for Data Warehouse


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can we get Amazon S3 Bucket option in Data Warehouse ?



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We vote for S3 Support in Data Warehouse.

The capability will save our costs by two ways and eventually take advantage of Adobe Solution over the other data provider:

Currently we have been deliverring more than 100 DWH reports by Day so that we need to keep the fixed amount of space in FTP server,
by which we will the incur fixed price cost. The S3 capablitiry will enable us to pay per use and it each quota of S3 will be far lower than that of FTP server.

Our Data Warehouse Reports have been intergrated into the other external system.
We come to get the data all the way to FTP server and transer it into the another directory for integration in to the environment that is almost entirely Amazon hosted.
If we could send DWH file into S3 bucket and handle it in the AWS programming, our integration will be much easier and cheaper, that brings Adobe capability higher.

Thanks if taking its considertion into account.


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Hi Adobe,

Do we have any internal plan to make this feature available in Data Warehouse ? (same as in Data Feeds)


Kevin Tran.


Employee Advisor


I've upvoted as well. Also, want to point out that S3 is an option for Data Feeds.

Agree that it'd be great to match the same outputs in Data Warehouse as we have in Data Feeds (not only adding S3, but also including Azure, SFTP, FTP).




While the option is not listed in the Data Warehouse UI, we do now support S3 and Azure destinations for Data Warehouse.  To set-up, first create your report in Data Warehouse using an existing destination option, such as FTP.  Then reach out to Customer Care with the details of your report id and destination location.  Customer Care will work with the Data Warehouse team to set-up and test your new report.


We are working on updates to the DW API and UI to make this process easier in the future.

Status changed to: Accepted