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Allow the Visits Metric for Search Engines reports.


Level 2


Searches is a good metric for Search Engines, but just as important is actual Visits. User behavior may be that guests enter by search, use the back button to go back to a search engine, refine their search and re-enter the site. This (correctly) shows up as 2 searches, but should only be a single Visit, to allow for an easy look at share of traffic coming from search engines.



Level 5


This would be very helpful. My users (of SiteCatalyst) are always asking for that and it is not logical in a Marketeer's mind to work with "searches". We calculate most ratios based on Visits. Currently I do some calculations to come to a number that is close to visits but that is complicated and cannot be done in SiteCatalyst, hence iit s not very handy for other users, especially not for the "normal" (not power) users.


Level 2


I saw the other request, but that specifically mentions prop and eVar reports. Wanted to make sure that those reports based on "out of the box" metrics were not ignored. 


Level 1


You can also use a custom event as a "visit" metric.  Simply set the event on the first page of a visit.  This custom visit metric will now be available for all conversion reports.  Additionally, you can set one event on the first page of a visit, and a second event on the second page of the visit.  This will allow you to create a calculated bounce-rate metric for conversion reports.