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Allow the ability to share custom metrics (events)


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CURRENT FUNCTIONALITY: 14 introduced the ability to administratively share calculated metrics. Apparently, sharing is not available for Custom Event/Participation metrics (I asked). For example, we have implemented the Page Velocity solution that relies on an event and participation. This is not available in the shared metrics select box to create a calculation (participation/visits).


REQUESTED CHANGE: Provide the ability to administratively share custom/participation metrics.


BUSINESS IMPACT OF MISSING FUNCTIONALITY: While the metric itself is not all that complicated, it is not something that our users know how to set up without specific hand holding. I expect this would be true of most custom metrics. So while I can centrally set up many metrics, I still need to set up these custom metrics one user at a time. Doable, but it diminishes the utility of the v14 enhancement.

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