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Allow Renaming of Metrics (or Fix Error in Custom Metrics) in Video Measurement


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This idea / issue is related to Video Measurement, specifically the Video Plays of x% metric


We've increasingly been making use of Video Measurement features in Site Catalyst, and have 'hacked' the code to allow tracking of streaming audio on our sites. The problem we're now facing, albeit cosmetic is that the metrics associated with Videos are all specifically named "Video" (for example: "Video Plays of X%") - which causes some confusion when we're looking at the play time of streaming podcast audio.


We'd like to see either (a) the ability to rename video metrics in the admin console or (b) that all 'video' metrics are renamed to something more generic (eg "Media Plays of X%").


We have tried a quick fix for bookmarked reports, by creating new calculated metrics - such as:



























Unfortunately while we're ok with creating calculated metrics for (eg "Video Plays" to "Podcast Plays") this doesn't seem to work for the Video Plays of x% in the example above.


So, when we run the report with this metric we lose the ability to select the %ages of videos (audio for us) played:


Instead of this:




We get this:




Additionally, when we create the new calculated metrics we lose the benefit of the additional information of % of total - hence our desire to be able to rename metrics at a global level (taken from staging server):




*note also in Google Chrome for Mac in this example that the calculated metric name isn't showing