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Allow properties to be added to correlations without losing all historically correlated data


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I often run into a situation where I'd like to add another property to an existing 5-item or 20-item data correlation.  Unfortunately, doing so causes all previously correlated data to be deleted.  This is a huge limitation in my opinion.  Why not allow new properties to be added, and only correlate those properties to the others from that day forward, but allow previous correlation data to be preserved?


Similarly, because of these arbitrary limitations of 5 and 20, I have occasionally wanted to delete an existing property from a correlation and reuse that spot for some other property.  Same problem.  To delete a property, the correlation and all of that useful datat that was collected for it over time are lost.





This is available in SiteCatalyst 15. After you've upgraded to SiteCatalyst 15, when a correlation is enabled, the data for that correlation is automatically available back to the upgrade date.


Level 3


A lot of nice things are available in SiteCatalyst 15.  Unfortunately, we use mostly Data Insertion to populate reports, and SC 15 apparently doesn't support that yet.