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Allow Non Admin Team Members to "Save" Projects


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Workspace is meant to be a collaborative tool, yet it limits collaboration by not allowing team members to save over each other's projects.  I am one of five analysts on our team who due to company policy/security reasons do not have total Adobe admin rights, but still need the ability to collaborate with our team.  Ideally any one of our team members should be able to save over each other's work while still limiting stake holders to "save as".  Can you please enable this feature within the group permission settings or create an additional checkbox next to each user within the share options that allows to save over projects, so we're able to update and iterate projects regardless of who the creator is.



Level 5


I requested something similar quite a while back, though can't find it.  Ideally, there should be separate read and write access for workspaces.


Level 1


We are facing the same issue in our company. We want to ensure collaborative working. It would be great if a created group can work on the same project and update/save it.


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isn't this possible if you create a "product profile" for the desired group and add the the users as "admins" only for this profile?

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