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Allow more restrictions for the Fallout Visualization


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Description -

The Fallout visualization is more than just a pretty visualization, it also is my favorite way to create (complex) Sequential Segments. Next to the Flow viz, it is the most beginner-friendly way into more powerful segmentation techniques.

To make the visualization more powerful and the Segment creation easier, I prose to offer more options when editing a step:


Besides Eventual Path and Next Event/Hit, there are many more useful restrictions I can think of:

  • Session based:
    • Within the same Session
    • In the next Session
    • In a next Session
    • After/Within X Sessions
  • Time based:
    • In the same month/week/day/hour
    • On the next month/week/day/hour
    • After/Within X month/week/day/hour
  • Dimension based:
    • On the same dimension item (like page)
    • On the next dimension item
    • After/Within X dimension items
  • Event based:
    • After/Within X events
  • Distinct dimension based:
    • After/Within the nth distinct dimension items