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Allow for multiple values in SAINT


Level 9


There are a number of common situations where I would like to be able to classify an item with multiple values. Examples :- 


A single story id that has multiple authors


A single story id that has multiple tags


A product that has multiple categories


A download that has multiple OS's 


etc etc


I would expect by default for full allocation of metrics based on the key value across each multple value.

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Level 9


Perhaps I misunderstand your request, but you can already sub-classify things.  Granted, it's a little limited, but perhaps it will suit you?



When you go to create classifications, you can do like



> a

>> aa

>> ab



And the template will look like this:


Key   a   a^aa   a^ab   b


This doesn't really allow for arbitrary amount of values..but perhaps it might help a little?  Yeah..probably not.