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Allow for more than 10 scheduled reports in Report Builder


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Report Builder limits the number of scheduled reports for a particular user to 10.  We have many many more scheduled reports and have to use up numerous ID's just to schedule our reports.  This limits our flexibility and grouping reports to a specific ID.  Can you up the limit to 50?  I understand the risk involved, however, if all of the reports are tested and scattered throughout a time period, it should avoid any issues.





With ReportBuilder 4.0, your total scheduled reports is 10X your number of licenses. By default each license has 10 scheduled reports. But your account manager can help you re-allocate those to any of your ReportBuilder users. For example, if you have 5 licenses you have access to a total of 50 scheduled reports. Your account manager can assign those all to one user if that better serves your needs. Thanks for the idea!