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Allow First Touch Visit (not Visitor) for Marketing Channel Report


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According to Client Care (Incident: 110414-000266) it is possible to have one Visit fall into more than one Channel (if the Visitor comes in through channel A, leaves and comes back through channel B before their session expires).  This makes sense, but causes havoc with my metrics.


I would like to be able to specify First Touch Visit, so if a Visitor comes in through multiple channels in one Visit, use the First one.  This data already exists and we get it through the Data Feed in column (VISIT_REFERRER).


Thank you





I generally don't like to use the Idea Exchange to suggest workarounds (I don't want to give you the impression that we'd discount this idea because there is a workaround) but one way to get this is to implement a custom event and have ClientCare set it to serialize using the "Once per Visit" setting. If you pull in that custom event using the first-touch variation, it should give you what you need. . . unless I've missed something.