Allow filtering of A4T Target Activities in Workspace



IDEA: Allow me to filter via segments on A4T Target Activities in a Workspace project.

Currently, when using A4T in Analytics, if you try to filter an entire Workspace project/panel using "Target Activities" it doesn't work, as visitors can be in more than one test at the same time. If you have a freeform table which includes the dimension "Target Activities" then you can filter that for a specific phrase, but if you are looking at other data related to the test and not specifically using the "Target Activities" dimension then you can only look at all activity.

In theory the A4T Target information seems to act like a list var (i.e. you can have multiple values in a single hit) and its possible to segment/filter on list vars in Analytics.

USE CASE: I want to create a project that allows me to see the aggregated performance and uplift of all Product X tests on a month by month basis.

(May also be related to this idea: Target Activity Impressions in Segment builder ​ )