Alerts enhancement idea - having other filter values



We want to create an Alert to tell us when a Tracking Code is outside the bounds of accepted codes, to tell us when a marketing person has created an improper code. But I notice when I drag Tracking Code dimension to the "filter" section, the UI ONLY allows for "equals" checking. This isn't feasible because we cannot possibly anticipate every badly formatted code. I tried using an asterisk, but that doesn't work either.

Ideally we would like the Alerts to allow for "contains" or "starts with", etc., similar to what is available for segment creation.  We use a standardized format for tracking codes per web property, so for instance for a certain web property we should only have tracking codes matching the format of EM_01_(whatever).  So an alert we'd like is if a tracking code ever is something like EM_02_*, EM_03_*, etc.