[ADOBE ANALYTICS] We need to organize users in groups

JarnoRossiCom 21-11-2017

We have User groups in Adobe Analytics, and we use it for multiple purpose today. For granting access to specific features or report suites, but also to share reports and workspace...

In fact, today it's not possible to share projects with a group, but only Admin can do it. It makes sense because "group" is something more than a distribution list.

Well... it's time to put all these stuff in order. One thing is User group for credential, and other thing is user group to organize and sharing projects. The latter is what we need in addition to the former!! Yes, there are "distribution list" but it's not completely the same thing I can use to say "ok, let me share this project with marketing team".

Jarno Rossi


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Experience Cloud admin console delineates between Product Profiles (permissions) and User Groups (pure distribution lists).