Adobe Analytics: Give option to hide eVar and prop related instances metrics



Every variable (eVars and props) seems to have out of the box "instances" metrics available. I believe I have never used instances as metric, I mean at least by choosing e.g. "eVar16 instances" etc. eVars are always associated with some event, so I use events or maybe just visits when analyzing eVars. Would be great if I could block these eVar/prop instances metrics from Workspace search. I guess this could be again solved in the admin section where admin could choose are some out of the box metrics available or not.

For new users this is very confusing. They want to use eVarX but very often they choose eVarX instances metric and they are confused why they can’t see any text information.

Curation or tags isn't a real solution. Smiley Happy

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Virtual Report Suite curation is recommended to accomplish this.