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Adobe Analytics Alerts: Need "decrease change by %" and "increase change by %" instead of only"changes by %"


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Description -

Why is this feature important to you - I would like separate alerts for increases and decreases by percent, because of how my teams react to the issue are two separate use cases. I'm curious and concerned when I see massive increases of traffic for a specific metric (primarily occurrence), but I'm even more concerned when I see massive decrease in traffic as this may be telling me there is an issue with data going to Adobe. Adobe Analytics alerts have both positive and negative choices for other kinds of alerts (e.g. anomaly is above expected/ anomaly is below expected, is above or equals/is below or equals), but for some reason this doesn't exist for percentage changes.

How would you like the feature to work - I would like for there to be two options "decrease change by %" and "increase change by %" instead of only "changes by %" which exist in the UI now.

Current Behavior - Only the "changes by %" option exists.



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One of the options you can use is to create your own calculated metric to trigger your alerts by... You might be able to make your own "increase change by %" and "decrease change by %" calculations... 


Another option is to create alerts based on "rate" calculations.. One such calculation that I do is Mobile App Crash Rate... the raw value of crashes can change quite a bit through the day (very low during off hours, and higher during peak hours)... but if I calculate the crash rate based on the number of users, the crash rate doesn't fluctuate much at all, making it more stable to create an alert on.


I am still giving you an up-vote, since I think more options that make it easier for people to get better alerts is always a good thing.. but in the meantime, you may need to get creative.


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I am also interested in the functionality to create alerts that trigger based on "decrease change by %" calculations. Does anyone know if this is in the product backlog yet?