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Adobe Alert Reporting Request - Add ability to report on 1)Which alerts have fired within a set period 2) Ability to report on related Alert meta data



Description: As a business (finance sector) we need be able to  report on which  Alerts have fired in a set period,  so we can monitor usage and response to  the alert. Adobe support have confirmed this  feature is not available

Why is this feature important to you – In order to meet our regulatory commitments, we have setup Alerts for a large number of high  priority  journeys customers can undertake cross our digital platforms. The alerts are used, in the main, to monitoring variation  in  journey  start  and completion  rates . Once the threshold(s) is  breached, based on  the alert  rules ,  an E-mail alert is sent.  The relevant party  should then  response to  the Alert and investigate to  issue. However we have no  reporting on  any  aspect of the alerts. This  means we cannot prove our ‘Control’  is working , effective and being responded to.

How would you like the feature to work – We would like to use current Workspace / Adobe analytics functionality to  access all  objects /  data  related to  alerts . This includes any  meta data related to the alert(s), i.e.  Title, type, Enabled, etc.  We need to be able to report on which  alerts did /  didn’t fire in a set period and provide a count

Current Behaviour -None , as not currently  available