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We manage a lot of report suites and users in our organization, and having the following functionality available via API would be hugely helpful for us, and cut down on Client Care requests.


1. Update menu customization to v 1.4. There is a method for this in 1.3, but it hasn't been implemented in 1.4--is there a plan for that?

2. Ability to hide/unhide report suites in a login company. We have thousands of report suites that need hiding and a method for maintaining them over time. 

3. Update Default Metrics (There is a bug currently where Default Metrics are not copied from a template. Client Care indicated this was a low priority for a fix).

4. Get/Save Bot Filter Rules

5. Enable Transaction ID (or at least have Transaction ID be something that can be copied from a template)


6. Enable Marketing Channels

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Oct 27, 2020

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