Admin ability to add things to users Dashboards, group Dashboards, etc.



Just again this morning had user trying to work with a Dashboard and not sure how to get some information they wanted, and quickly.  Would  be Very Easy for me to add it to their Dashboard for them - but instead only way to do so now is "Copy Me" so I can edit, then share it, then get them to delete their old one, and in turn have them do a "Copy Me" to get it back, etc.


Would be such a great feature to let us *quickly  & simply* help our community by pushing things to them, updating their dashboards for them - even if just Admins could do this.


Equally had times where collaborating with my team on dashboard so could totally see having single dashboard where invited users could update i.e. community approach.

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This would be covered by:

Give admins universal password for all users in a login-company -users-in-a-login-company/idi-p/362



Partially Norm - but not completely.  I might have a report customized and bookmarked, etc. that I'd want to push from my own login vs. having to logout, login as them, etc.


Also, the shared permissions idea for group editing a dashboard is different too.



Admin visibility to all dashboards and bookmarks as well as the ability to make changes regardless of the creator or their shared status is crucial. I've encountered problems recently where I created a calculated 'Gross Revenue' metric to replace the default 'Revenue' metric. I sent an email with instructions, but many of my users don't take the time or are not savvy enough to fix their own dashboards and reports.


Norm's idea is great for many things, but for this it only works reactively (e.g. If the user contacts me for help or if I log in as users to look for dashboards and bookmarks that need updating).


Admin visibility to all dashboards and bookmarks allows us to proactively find things that need updating/fixing.