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Add tracking to user actions to be tracked via Usage Logs


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I would love to see the Usage and Access Logs start to track additional events (in addition to other products - ad hoc analysis, report builder and data workbench) based on user actions - here's a quick list to get started:

  1. What date ranges are selected?  Are people analyzing on annual, monthly, weekly, daily levels?
  2. Are segments being used?  What segments are being applied?
  3. People accessing/viewing dashboards that are emailed to them
  4. People using the "create a link to this report"
  5. People "adding metrics" to reports - help determine right Default metrics
  6. People looking at Trended vs. Ranked reports
  7. People who "execute a search" on a report to find a specific item

With this data, we are trying to understand the engagement of the interface and this can really be expanded to track all interactions/options within the tool.  Right now, the existing set of actions is too limited to truly understand. 

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