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Add the ability to view different international text characters in Discover


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I work for a company that has expanded globally and thus created international sites to cater to the international audience.  These international sites are created in the language appropriate to the demographic of the region (i.e. Chinese, Russian, etc).  With that said, it would be great to have the ability for Discover to generate these international characters properly (as can be done in SiteCatalyst currently). Yes, I can technically use SiteCatalyst, but Discover i think is a more powerful tool than that of SiteCatalyst .  In Discover, the current set up is to generate symbols in place of the international characters.  Long story short, please provide the ability in Discover to be able to view the various international characters of the world.  Thanks!



Level 10


This is already available. We have suites in KR, CN, JP, ... and all do render correctly.

Please make sure you have a font selected (Tool->Settings->Font and Locale) that is able to render those characters. Try Arial Unicode MS.


Level 9


Hm, I strangely was unable to get this to work. I switched to Arial Unicode MS and the Russian characters that are showing up in SiteCatalyst are still not appearing correctly in Discover.


I tried several other fonts (Arial, Sans Serif, Lucia Console, Times New Roman, Courier New, etc) and was unsuccessful with them all.


@Feras - Did you make any progress viewing Russian characters like this: звездочка ?


Thanks to both of you!