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Add Regular Expression-type feature to Processing Rules


Level 9


The current features (starts with, contains, ends with, etc) are nice, but having actual Regular Expressions would be even better!


If this isn't possible, one great improvement would be to allow for IP Address ranges to be used. For example:


Instead of creating a Processing Rule defined as:

Starts with:

Et cetera.

It'd be much more powerful to define the rule as:



Level 1


Regex capability within processing rules would be very useful and have multiple use cases for us. For example: Creating alternative campaign attribution models. Say you wanted to have a new eVar that will serve as an alternative marketing attribution variable to the "campaign" variable, but not including certain traffic types. The "contains" conditional operator just isn't powerful enough. I want to be able to write a regex against the campaign value to only copy campaign to the new eVar when certain regex conditions are or are not met.