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Add OS version to the Mobile > Operating System report


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My company uses Omniture to track usage for mobile applications on multiple platforms (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android), where a given application on a given platform has its own report suite.


For each of these platforms it can be very useful to understand which version of the particular operating system our customers have installed, as the version number indicates which OS features are available. If we have insight into this from the Mobile > Operating System report, it makes it easier for us to decide whether or not to continue supporting older OS versions, or otherwise direct development on the applications.


Ideally, for us the Mobile > Operating System report would look something like this:



Android 2.0.15,548,11837.5%
Android 1.65,459,65537.0%
Android 1.53,517,98723.8%
Android 2.165,0850.4%
Android 2.07,5150.1%


...instead of just listing "Android", particularly since we only have one top-level OS per report suite, as a general rule.



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Yeah, app tracking isn't the same as what's been requested. Mobile OS version is critical because those versions have different web browsers that need to be catered for.




Changing to "Partially Implemented," since what we have done applies to apps but not web. We do hope to add this for web as well.


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This is especially important for discerning between iOS6 and other iOS's.  When Apple removed the referrer in iOS6, we needed to use the OS version to estimate the amount of direct load traffic that is really organic search.


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I couldn't agree more for this idea. It is really importance for Quality Assurance to select the right device and OS version for testing.