Add Next Page & Previous Page reports to Report Builder



I suggest adding the Previous Page and Next Page reports to Report Builder.


I need to add dependancies to the output of a previous/ next page report. For example, I'd like Report Builder to first find the top 5 previous/ next pages to a given page, then run a Pages report to find important metric values for thoses pages.


Currently,the only way to get this data is to use the "Page Paths" report; however, I cannot add "Pages" report as a dependent.



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This is not offered as a dependent request because users may be lead to believe that the metrics selected for the next pages were collected from the context of the current path. 

We see the same behavior in Report&Analytics. If you go to the next Page report, you can only show the "instances" metric, and cannot add other Page metrics.


However, there is a workaround from within Ms Excel.


From the Next Page report, you first need to extract the page name from the path. This is done by extracting the string from the path, after the last ">" using Ms Excel formula.

If a path is in A6, the formula to find the last ">" positiion is: 


Let's put this formula in E6.


Now you need to extract the string after the last ">" character. Use this formula to do so:

=MID(A6,E6+1, LEN(A6)-E6)

 Let's put this formula in F6.


You have now extracted the Next Page from the path.


Finally, you can create a Page request, with a specific filter from cell, pointing to the cell F6.


The last trick to perform is that we need to make sure that the "Page" request always gets run after the Path request. So we need to create a dependency between the two. One handy way to do this is to use a date range from cell for the Page request, and use the cells that contain the date that was returned by the Path request.


Thank you.





This worked perfectly! I had already parsed the path output to get the page name, but didn't know how to create a dependency from there. Now, I know...


Thanks for your help!