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Add new users to multiple alerts at once


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Description - 

I have some new team members who I would like to add to hundreds of alerts we have set up (we have one for each Adode variable and event).

Would like a way to add them to multiple alerts at once, so we don’t have to individually edit hundreds of alerts.

Why is this feature important to you - Without it, I have to click on hundreds of alerts 1-by-1 to add new team members.  And will have to do it again anytime someone new needs to be added.

How would you like the feature to work - Would like to be able to edit multiple alerts at once by clicking on the check box next to them, or selecting "All" at the top.  Would like there to be an option at the top for "add user" or "share" like there is for segments and calculated metrics.  

Current Behaviour - Have to click on each alert individually and add new user.  Very time consuming.

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An alert can be sent to an Analytics individual user, an Analytics user group or to a phone number.


  • If we have created the User Group and add that user group to all the alert report one time manually.
  • From next time we can add new users in the user group and it will automatically update for all the alert report.