Add new features to Rollups and fix the bugs



Rollups are great, and they suck. Let's add some functionality to them!


New Features:

  • Historical data!
  • Segmentation (at least by report suite)
  • Ability to rollup only a segmented portion of a report suite


Fix the bugs:

  • Traffic Sources reports don't work
  • prop report values are shown in Page Views in the rollup, even if Instances in the report suite
  • Segmentation doesn't work
  • Pages Report doesn't show and neither does Page Pathing
  • Site Sections report doesn't work
  • Visitor Retention reports don't work (except Visit Number)
  • Visitor Profile reports don't work (except Technology)
  • Mobile reports don't work
  • Custom Links report doesn't show
  • Download Links report doesn't show
  • Exit Links report doesn't work
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Eric, I love the first sentence of your post. Smiley Happy


Just to be clear, many of the things that you mentioned under "Fix the bugs" are indeed feature requests or enhancements, not bugs per se. Even going back to SiteCatalyst 12 (when I joined the company), rollups offered a subset of the reports that are available in normal suites. I don't think this fact changes your idea very much, I just wanted to be clear that those things are not "broken" per se in the current iteration of rollups.


Keep the ideas coming!



Tomato Tomato (hm, that works better in-person...)


Thanks Ben - Looking forward to the plethora of up-votes for this request to improve rollups Smiley Happy