Add multiple countries to a segment at the same time



With the new segment release on 23rd April 2014, it's become impossible to add multiple countries to a segment at once. We're now forced to add each country as its own rule, and when you're trying to build segments for entire market areas at once, this gets old very quickly.


We used to be able to set a "contains one of" rule, that would allow us to space separate a list of countries. Can we please go back to doing that?

Or at least find some way that doesn't mean I have to do three clicks for each extra country I'm adding? 


I'm trying to make segments with 50 to 70 countries in. So as to get a sense for how different areas of the world are behaving on our site, with this new UI that's an incredibly frustrating process.

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Five years later, and we still can't do this. I'm waiting for a solution.