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Add functionality to wrap long values in rows in Freeform Tables, or at the very minimum allow this in PDFs


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Description -

Long values, particularly when paired with multiple metric columns, get truncated visually with an ellipses. While this is okay in a live Workspace report where the user can hover over the row to see the full value, when in a rendered PDF the values are completely lost, leaving stakeholders with missing information.


It would be of great value to allow long values to wrap (similar to how there is an option to wrap headers).



Why is this feature important to you -


Data will be easier to see, with less information being lost when presented to Stakeholders. Having the wrapping be optional allows for people to control when and if they want their data to wrap or to truncate.




How would you like the feature to work -


Add an option to the settings on the dimension to allow the values to wrap, or not to wrap. 



Current Behaviour -


No option to wrap, and PDF generation doesn't allow for hover states to see the full value



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Thanks @Jennifer_Dungan - this would be great, especially when the dimension contains a long URL (with or without a query string) or if the dimension is 'Last Touch Channel Details' containing lengthy PPC campaign strings for example.


In Google Data Studio (Looker) there's the option to wrap text for both the header and the body of a table so it would be nice if I could do that in AA too:

Chart > STYLE > Table Header > Wrap Text

Chart > STYLE > Table Body > Wrap Text