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Add ability to duplicate pre-configured segments


Level 9


It's terribly frustrating that ALL of the dimensions used in Pre-Configured segments are not available in new segments.

  • Paid Search
  • Mobile Device
  • Single Page Visit
  • Persistent Cookie

So this means there's no way to create a segment focusing on Paid Search AND a specific Landing Page, etc

Althought there may be ways to duplicate some of the items above, why not make the above dimensions available so we don't waste an hour finding the exact match in non-pre-configured segments?

It's just plain silly. Please make these updates.




Level 9


Cool - looking forward to it!


Another step would be making segments shareable. Obviously the customization abilities of SiteCatalyst make this somewhat useless, but being able to share a segment with a link could be very cool.


Ex: Non-Mobile Segment, Non-Direct Segment, Campaign Visits, etc


Sharing segments that use eVars/props/events would be dangerous though...


Level 9


Just realised that since there's no way to put "Single Page Visits" or "Page Depth" in a segment we can't even create a Mobile Bounces segment. How ridiculous is that?


Should be super-simple to do (it is in Google Analytics) but impossible in SiteCatalyst v15. Arg Smiley Sad


Level 9


Dug further into creating Bounced Visits as a segment with ClientCare and it seems there's no way to do this. Closest thing is Path Length=1 but that's for Single Access visits, not Bounced visits. Arg again


Level 1


We need the segment combination Natural Search + Brand Keywords for Sitecatalyst for Dashboards and ReportBuilder. Unfortunately it's not possible to create the predefined segment "Visits from natural Search" by our own or to combine predefined segments with other segments. I hope there is a possibility to implement this segment builder function in SiteCatalyst as well.


Best regards