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Activity map for apps


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I am using a lot the activity map on the website to understand the user journey and which feature is the more clicked.

But there is no equivalent for apps. We have to implement custom events and it can cost a lot of hits.

Can we get a kind of activity map for apps ?



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I would love this to be added too... but you should know that we created a "proxy" activity map in our own implementation to avoid all the extra server calls.


Since we already had to use processing rules to populate the value of the Activity Map items (page, link, region) into some "replication" eVars so that they would actually be included in our Raw Data Feeds... I actually had our app developers maintain equivalent values for app navigation, and pass them on the next trackState... I then map these into my eVar equivalents... 


It's a little more work, and requires a little more regression testing to make sure it's working, but for now you could look at something like that.


Sadly, you can't populate/overwrite the Activity Map values in processing rules (if you wanted to avoid the replication Activity Map dimensions)