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Ability to turn OFF "None" at Report Level


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Stunned if not already submitted as an old time favorite, but pleas give us the ability to turn Off (i.e. filter out None) at a report level in the Report & Reportlet Options popup.

PS: Even when the Global Report Settings option "Show "None," "Unspecified" and "Typed/Bookmarked" data in report graphs." is NOT ticked you see "None" in reports



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I agree as well that the "None" should be a configurable setting but I recommend this setting be implemented as an admin setting in the admin console that an administrator would turn off "None" across the entire report suite rather than report by report. Also, when "None" is configured to not display, it's respective metrics should also be removed from being totaled as revenue and orders due now for example in the Search Keywords - Natural, Search Keywords - Paid and the Customer Conversion reports.


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Thanks, although disagree with this.  I can't presume to know what other users will want.  Think the middle ground here would be perhaps to let Admins set the default, but not take away the option from users.


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"None" is metric-dependant. If you're looking at a custom conversion report and revenue is on there as a metric alongside instances, you'll get "None". First thing I'd suggest is checking if the report you're looking at really requires whichever metric is showing the "None" values, and if it does, try simply filtering by -None. 


Failing that, I do agree that it'd be nice to have the option to explicitly turn off None, on a per-report basis. 


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Apostrophalypse - agree, but have you tried to filter report using -None? I have and it doesn't work. Very frustrating.






A few things on this:


1.) We had an issue a while back -- during the first half of this year -- where you could not filter "None" out of any report. This was fixed with a maintenance release, and I have confirmed that you can filter "None" out of *most* reports now.


1a.) I also confirmed what @andrews is saying; you currently cannot filter "None" out of the Search Engines - All report. I would suggest raising that issue with ClientCare; I can't imagine that you should be able to filter it out of some reports but not others.


2.) I completely agree that "None" can be extremely confusing to recipients of reports who are not familiar with SiteCatalyst, and the popularity of this idea with the voters is clear. In lieu of a permanent solution at the moment, here is a tip (which may not be relevant in all cases, but which can help clarify this "None" line item some of the time): classify it. You can classify "None" in SAINT by putting ~none~ into the key column and adding the appropriate label in the other columns (e.g, "No Search Engine"). There are more details on this in KB ID 9603.


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The other dumb thing about "None" is that you get totals that include none.


E.g., how many purchases came from paid search? To find out, you need to look at the paid search report, get the total, and then subtract the none value.


If I look at paid search's total row, I expect the total of PAID SEARCH, not everything.