Ability to Share Workspace Project as READ ONLY

npotter24 30-01-2018

We've had multiple instances where we've created complex projects in Workspace for the business, and then shared them to multiple Stakeholders, only to find one of them changes or deletes something and then hits Save rather than Save As affecting the project for everyone.

At the moment the work around we have to use is to make a copy of the final project and share that, so we still have the original to revert to.

If when sharing there was the option to say whether it was shared as read-only or read/write it would help with this issue. Stakeholders could still make amend but if they then wanted to Save those amend it would only allow them to Save As a new project.

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sundipt96645346 12-02-2018

Why not use the 'Save As Template' feature under the Project drop down menu and let others create new projects out of it? Your team maintains the master and can overwrite the template at any time.

npotter24 14-02-2018

sundipt - that's a useful idea... however:

  • it requires each stakeholder to create their own new project from the template
  • if we need to make an update, yes we can update the template but it doesn't update the projects the stakeholders have created

Ideally we're looking for a way to distribute final projects but still retain the means to push an update for everyone when required.


Enhanced sharing permissions, like read-only, is something we are currently researching.

v-tiwri 23-04-2018

All workspace projects are "read only" unless users have admin rights. The solution here would be to downgrade their access to "user" role, and not an "admin" role. Right? Am I missing something here?

npotter24 24-04-2018

Not quite. I don't have Admin access yet I can amend and save workspace projects.

Besides, we want the end-users to be able to tweak dashboards to meet their own requirements. We just don't want them to save over what we originally created and to instead be forced to Save As.

Looks like Jen has indicated this is being looked at so I'll wait to see what that produces.

v-tiwri 24-04-2018

Hmm interesting. This is not the case with our account. All users who aren't admins only have "read-only" permission only to other's projects, and its highly demanded feature to be able to have "write-access" to other's projects as well. Only admins have "write-access" to other's. If team member A creates a workspace, and shares it to team member B, then team member B only has a "save as a copy" option. Team member B cannot edit team member A's workspace. Is this not the case with your account?

See below screenshot of our account when I log in as a "user" and not an admin. There is no option to save over the original version of a workspace, there's only an option to save as a copy:


How is it possible that other users have the ability to to save over workspaces in your account? Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks!


Here is the quick overview of what our permissions allow for today:

  1. Admin - this is the only level that can 'Save' over projects shared with them.
  2. User (with 'create/curate' permission) - the Curate permission gives a User the ability to create & save a new project and save as a template. Users can also 'save as' like the users w/o Curate below.  
  3. User (without 'create/curate' permission) - Users without the Curate permission cannot save a new project or save as template. They can only open shared projects and ‘save as’.

We are exploring more permission options that would allow for Users to 'save', read-only, etc.

v-tiwri 24-04-2018

Yeah -- this is what I thought. Only admins can "save" over projects shared with them, which means the "stakehodlers" that npotter256  references in this feature request must have "admin" rights. If "stakeholders" are saving over projects & making changes to projects that they didn't create, then it sounds like all that needs to be done is a downgrade to their access level from admin to "user with create/curate permission". Users cannot save over projects shared with them.


We would like to setup some research calls with those interested in this topic (enhanced project sharing permissions, read-only, etc). Would anyone be open to a 30 minute call to chat with us? Let me know!



v-tiwri 23-05-2018

jen.lasser​ please include me. I'd be very interested in helping contribute some feedback for this feature - if you reach out to me over DM I can provide email or any other contact info you may need to set up a call.