Ability to set Landing Page by User Groups



We have created a dashboard that we would like to set as the default landing page for all of our users.  Unfortunately, though, I work for a company with 20+ brands, so not all users have access to the same data.  So, one dashboard does not work for all users as most of the users will get a message saying they do not have access to the data for which I set the dashboard up.


This request is two part:

1) create "smart" dashboards that attempt to apply the reportlets to the report suite that users have access to or where last on

2) Allow admins to set landing pages for different user groups

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This would be really smart! Please do it!



I have seen that when you log into Analytics, the alternative dashboard defaults to the report suite that dashboard was created under, regardless of the report suite selected when the user first logged in.


If you change report suites, then the dashboard will sync with the report suite you are in. However, If the user does not change report suites, the dashboard continues to display the "wrong" data. Not a good user experience.