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Ability to re-order / copy / duplicate actions/rules in Processing Rules


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Processing Rules hasn't had a lot of updates in years, but being the such a core function (particularly for mapping context variables to dimensions in mobile apps).


We really need some improvements, like the ability to re-order actions within a rule... We can re-order rules, but for efficiency we cannot create one rule for each mapping. With some mappings very dependent on order of operation, the inability to reorder actions within our rules means having to do some weird workaround, and sometimes re-doing many actions simply to add something new into the flow....


Also, sometimes you want a very similar action with a slight difference for a different condition, the ability to copy / duplicate actions within a rule, or to copy a rule itself into the same suite (so that you can make small tweaks rather than rebuild it completely) would make using this interface so much easier.



Why is this feature important to you

Some rules are very dependent on order of operation, so the inability to re-order actions means that we have to redo a lot of work when adding something new into the flow... re-doing work also means there is a potential to break something. Being able to re-order actions would save valuable time and hopefully avoid costly mistakes trying to rebuild logic.


The ability to copy actions (within a rule) or copy entire rules into the same suite would also be a massive time saver... making small tweaks to a nearly identical rule, rather than having to build from scratch all the time would be a game changer.



How would you like the feature to work

Each action within a rule should have drag handles (like the rules themselves) and allow you to drag above or below other actions to re-order. 


Each rule or action could have a right click context menu to copy, or even some sort of select checkbox and centrally located copy or duplicate function. Even better, make it like workspace, in the case of an action - duplicate would create an immediate copy into the same rule, and copy would put a copy in the buffer that would allow you to "insert copied action" into another rule.



Current Behaviour

These functions don't exist today

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This would make rules much easier to manage, particularly the re-ordering part. The copy function is more efficient that keeping a dummy report suite with rules to use a templates.


Given how the WebSDK works, rule management will become more of a thing.