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Ability to exclude events from bounce rate calc


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We have a lot of "impression events". They fire on a page automatically when an element loads. 


This is making our Bounce Rate look insanely low (it's currently useless), because few visits are single beacon visits. 


Please give us the ability to tag events as "non-interaction" events so they are not considered when calculating bounce rate. 


Ideally we (SC admins) would be able to toggle this setting for Events admin so we wouldn't have to go thru the dev team/ change code, etc. etc. 


GoogleAnalytics offers this feature: https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/gajs/eventTrackerGuide#non-interaction



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I think that will show you single page visit rate. 


I want a bounce rate that means the user came and took off without 


  • interaction with any page element we track
  • reading an entire article
  • going to a second page. 

The above will only give you the third. 




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I have been looking for such a functionality for a while as well.


Our issue is that we want to track the opens of emails. This can be achieved with an image tag that fires the AA beacon in the email, but these opens are not really website visits and thus terribly distort the bounce rate of the website. So right now we are tracking these opens into another report suite and do some extremely tedious manual export / data source import just so the bounce rate and Time on Site can still be used in some manner.


But this is not the only case. There are others where this would be awesome (ad impressions, slider impressions, or anything that needs to be tracked but is not triggered by some user interaction).


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Agree. Right now we use our own calculated metric bounce rate which looks at Visit Container: Hit Depth <= 3 divided through all Visits


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In Google Analytics, you can already designate events as non-interaction events which do not affect bounce.  Adobe Analytics should provide this capability as well.