Ability to edit Data Warehouse report requests



In Data Warehouse report requests, it would be helpful if there was an edit feature that allowed you to repurpose a request without having to start each request from scratch if you only need to change on variable. For instance, I often run a similar report for each month, and only need to change the date range. It would be helpful if I could just change the date and not have to redo the segments and metrics each time.

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Just logged in to post the same idea. It would be quite helpful if you could go back in and either re-run the same request, or as was mentioned above, change particular variables without rebuilding the same request



I think this is available in SiteCatalyst 15. If you go to Request Manager there should be an edit button.



I am marking this as "Already Offered" for now, because it is in SiteCatalyst 15. I recognize that not everyone has SC 15, but the point is that Adobe Product Management has heard this need and built a solution that will be available to you in the near future.